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How do I use pronouns in Brightspace?

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This article will explain how you can set your own pronouns and where in Brightspace these pronouns appear.

For more information on the University's vision on diversity and inclusion, please here.

Please be aware setting your pronouns and making them visible within an application is currently only supported within Brightspace. You are not able to set pronouns within other educational applications, nor will your pronouns set in Brightspace appear in other applications.

How do I set my own pronouns?

Homepage - Leiden University - Google Chrome

Navigate to Brightspace and click on your name. Next, click on Account Settings

Account Settings - Leiden University - Google Chrome
  1. Select Allow others to see my pronouns
  2. Select Use different pronouns
  3. Insert your preferred pronouns
  4. Finally, click on Save and Close

You are able to insert your pronouns in your own preferred language. Please be aware that not all users understand every language. Therefore, we  recommend using Dutch or English pronouns.

Where can other users see my pronouns?


Students are able to see pronouns of other users within the user profile widget that appears within Discussions.

Instructors and educational support staff

Just like students, instructors and educational support staff are able to see users' pronouns within the Profile widget, that appear in the Discussions, Assignment Submissions and all other functionalities where an instructor can see student names. The most clear overview is provided within the Classlist.

You will only see the pronouns of students who have set them themselves.

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