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Where can I find courses, how do I (un)pin courses, how can I filter and search for courses?

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This article explains where you can find courses, how you can (un)pin, search for and filter courses. 

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My Courses

After you signed in via you will see your personal Homepage. On the left you will see your courses under 'My  Courses'. Here a maximum of twelve courses will be showed. You can change the order of these courses by pinning them, you can use different terms to filter your courses and you can search for specific courses in All Courses or via Course Selector.

Pin Courses

Pin a course to show the courses you want on your Homepage. By default, the first twelve courses you have enrolled for will be shown. There are two ways to pin your courses on the Homepage:

  1. Click on Course Selector in the top in the navigation bar to show your courses and to pin or unpin them.
  2. Click on the three dots of the course tiles of the desired courses to pin or unpin them.

Filter Courses

If you are enrolled for courses that are in different semesters (or years), you can filter your courses and display courses of certain semesters or academic years only.

Under My Courses you can find certain tabs. By default, twelve of all your courses are shown on your Homepage. Here you can filter by pinned courses of a certain semester or academic year.

Search for courses

When you are enrolled for more than twelve courses, you can search for a specific course in two ways:

  1. via All Courses
  2. via Course Selector

Search for courses via All Courses

On your Homepage you can scroll down and click on View All Courses.

A new screen opens en you can see all your courses for which you have enrolled (1). You can find certain courses in the search bar (4) en filter by:

2. Pinned Courses

3. Certain semesters

Search via Course Selector

  1. From your Homepage you, click on Course Selector in the top in the navigation bar.
  2.  By default all your pinned courses are at the top.
  3. In the search bar you can search for your course with the course name or course code.

Found the course but it is Grayed out? See here on what to do.

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