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How do I unregister for courses in Brightspace?

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This article explains how you can unregister for courses in uSis and how you can unpin your courses in Brightspace.

If you want to unregister from a course, or if you want to remove a course from your Brightspace, you will have to do this via uSis. As soon as you have unregistered in uSis for the course in question, you will be automatically removed from the course in Brightspace.

On the 30th of September, annually, the courses of the previous year will be closed and become unavailable in Brightspace. 

When you are no longer able to unregister in uSis or are experiencing issues with unregistering, it is best to contact the education office of your faculty


  1. Navigate to: 
  2.  Click on Enrolled/Drop
  3. Select de right Term
  4. Select the right course you want to unregister from
  5. Click on Drop Selected Classes
  6. Click on Finish Dropping

Unpinning a course in Brightspace

Do you want to unpin a course in Brightspace? Proceed with the following:

There are two ways to unpin a course, via the Course Selector or via View All Courses on the homepage. 

Unpinning via the Course Selector

1.  Click on the Course Selector pictogram in the minibar of your homepage. You will see a list with one or multiple courses for which you are registered in uSis. 

 2. Click on the pin pictogram behind the name of the course to unpin it:

  • Dark pin: the course is pint on your homepage
  • Transparant pin: the course is not pint on your homepage

Unpinning via View All Courses

  1.  Go to the homepage of Brightspace and click on View All Courses.
  2. Find the course you want to unpin. When you move your cursor over the picture of the course three dots will appear. 
  3.  Click on the dots and subsequently click on Unpin

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