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How do I use the Calendar?

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Here you can read about how to use the Calendar in general.

The Calendar widget

The Calendar is your personal calendar. On your personal homepage and on the Course Home of each course you can find the Calendar Widget. Here you can find possible events of your courses. You can see all the events of all your courses in the Calendar widget on your homepage. If you access the Calendar Widget through Course Home, you will only see the events related to that course. Due dates are also marked as events in your calendar. The Calendar is always visible on the right side under Announcements. 

The Calendar widget consists of two parts:

  1. The calendar: this is the calendar display. The blue-colored date is the current date. Any events are marked via a blue dot on the calendar
  2. Upcoming events: this is a list of upcoming events. Click on the arrow to see the upcoming events.

Click on the date or the arrow to expand or collapse the Calendar widget.

The Calendar

Click on Calendar on top of the Calendar widget to open the calendar.

In Calendar you may find events from the calendars of each course. Via the different tabs you can choose how the calendars are displayed:

  • Agenda: view the events for today, tomorrow or for a week. Also use this view to sort events by date, course or category.
  • Day: view a day from your agenda per hour.
  • Week: view a week in your agenda.
  • Month: view a month in your agenda.
  • List: view all your upcoming events in list view. Also use this view to easily filter events.

In the different views you use the arrows to indicate within which dates you want to see the events. For example, with these arrows you can scroll forward or back one day / week / month in the day, week or month view.

On the right you see the calendar. A bullet below a date indicates that an event is taking place. If you click on a date, you navigate to the day view of the relevant day.

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