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How do I add a video to Kaltura?

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This article explains how to add a video to Kaltura in Brightspace. 

If you want to add a video to a course in Brightspace, you should always use Kaltura. Kaltura consists of the My Media-page and the Course Gallery

  • Through Kaltura My Media, you can upload videos in Kaltura. This also gives you an overview of the videos that have been uploaded in the past. You can edit, delete or publish videos in order to make them (un)visible for other students of the course. 
  • Each course has an own Kaltura Course Gallery. Here you will see an overview of the published media by fellow students in the course. You can add previous published media to the Course Gallery and look at the statistics. 

You should add videos through Kaltura My Media instead of Kaltura Course Gallery. Since videos which are added to the Course Gallery are visible for all the course participants. 

If you want to know how to add a video to an assignment, please read the following article: How do I submit a video-Assignment?

Adding media to Kaltura

  • Navigate to My Brightspace in the navbar of your homepage. 
  • Click on Kaltura My Media

Click on Add New. Select the media-type of your preference:

  • Click on Media Upload to upload a file from your computer.
  • Click on Webcam Recording to make a video with your webcam.
  • Click on YouTube to add a video from YouTube.
  • Click on Kaltura Capture to add a video or screen-capture which you have made using Kaltura Capture. 
  • Click on Video Quiz if you want to make a quiz out of a previously uploaded or new video.

When adding media, you have to add information about the media. You can find an example below of how to upload a video from your computer.

  • Accept the terms and conditions. 
  • Click on Choose a file to upload and then select a video on your computer.

1. Add a name to the video (the file-name on the computer is automatically used)

2. Add a description (if desired)

3. Add a tag (if desired) 

4. The video is automatically set to Private (only visible for you). You can publish it when it is saved. 

5. Click on Save. You can publish the video (Published). Select in which course you would like to publish this video and again click on Save

  • Scroll down to add another video.
  • Click on Go To Media if you want to watch or adjust the video. Click on Go To My Media to return to the My-media page

All tags that are used will be saved at a university level in Kaltura, this means that they can be used by everybody. 

Edit media

  • Click on My Brightspace in the navbar of your homepage. 
  • Click on Kaltura My Media.
  • Click on the pencil-icon (Edit) to adjust a video. 
  • You can change the title, description and tags using Details. You can also delete a video when clicking on Details and Delete Entry (note: this can only be done when the video is set to private). 
  • Underneath Options you can set that nobody is allowed to respond to the video or start a discussion about this video (Comments). You can also indicate that everyone can extract individual fragments from your video (Clipping). 
  • The option Collaboration gives you the opportunity to give allow others to edit or share your video. You can make someone co-editor (access to edit a video) or co-publisher (access to upload a video in a course). 
  • With Thumbnails you can select a preview of the video before playing the video. You have three ways to change this: 
    • Upload Thumbnail: upload a photo from the computer. 
    • Capture: Use a timeline at a certain point in the video to make a preview of this moment and click on Capture.
    • Auto-Generate: choose a thumbnail that Kaltura has automatically generated. If you have chosen a preview, you can Download this as well. 
  • With Attachments you can upload a file accompanying the video. 
  • With Captions, you can upload a file with subtitles. 
  • With Timeline, you can add bookmarks to the video in order to highlight important parts. You can also add notes or slides to the video. 
  • Click on Launch Editor to make a quiz or edit the video. 

Click on Save (at Details or Options

If you would like to add a video from YouTube, some settings are different: 

  • You can add a new video by using Replace Video
  • The options Thumbnails and Timeline are not available. 

Publish Media

If you add a video to Kaltura My Media, this is only visible to you. You can also publish the video to make it visible for fellow students. In the Kaltura My Media page you can see where you have uploaded videos. 

  • Navigate to My Brightspace in the navbar of your homepage.
  • Click on Kaltura My Media

You can also publish videos from My Media using the Course Gallery. 

If you did not publish the video, you will see a blue bar with Private. If the video is published, you will see a green tag with Published

1. Select the video(s) that you want to publish. 

2. Click on Actions

3. Click on Publish

1. Select the course of which you would like to publish a video. Note: the videos are visible for everyone in this course. 

2. Underneath Published you will see the location of the published video. 

3. Click on Save to publish the video. Click on Back to return to the overview. 

  • Click on Published to see the location of publication. 

If it says Embedded in Context-... this means that the video is uploaded in Course Tool. If you hand in a video at Assignment, the video will be published, but not be visible to fellow students. 

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