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How do I submit a video-Assignment?

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This article explains how you submit a video-Assignment in Brightspace. 

Video's that are part of an assignment should be uploaded in Kaltura before submitting them to the Assignment. You can read how to upload a video in Kaltura in the following article: How do I add a video to Kaltura?

If you submit a video using Kaltura My Media, it is only visible for the teacher and not for fellow students. Be aware: if you upload the video in the Kaltura Course Gallery, it will be visible for students of the course as well. 

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of the course. 
  • Click on Assignments.
  • Click on the preferred assignment. 

First you will see an overview of the assignment with the title, a description, deadline and possible attachments. 

  • Click on the assignment to hand in a HTML-editor at Insert Stuff
  • Click on Add Kaltura Media
  • Click on Embed at the right video.  Click on Insert

When the teacher has set a requirement of adding an attachment (File based submission, attachment required): 

  • Click on Add a File to add the remaining files.
  • Click on My Computer. Choose a document to upload from your computer, click on Upload.
  • Click on Add.
  • Click on Submit to submit the assignment. You will see a summary of the submitted items. If it is correct, select Done

In case the teacher has set chosen that no extra attachment is needed (Text Submission, no file required):

1. Add comment to video, if preferred. 

2. Click on Submit to submit the video. 

If you submit a video in Assignments from Kaltura, you will see in Kaltura My Media that the video has been Published. However, this does not mean that everyone in the course can now see your video. In Kaltura My Media, click on Published with Embedded in Context... It means that you have only uploaded the video in an Acitivty. This is not visible for other students. 

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