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How do I adjust the settings from the Calendar?

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Here you can read about how to adjust the settings from the Calendar. You can adjust the Calendar settings to your personal preference.

Click on Settings

1. You can adjust the settings of your calendar in Calendar Options:

  • At Core Hours you can choose the time frame of your calendar. Select Show Weekends if you want Saturdays and Sundays to be visible.
  • Configure the average duration of an event with Default Event Duration.
  • Select Enable Calendar Feeds if you want your calendar to be shared with other platforms such as Outlook.

2. You can adjust the settings for tasks in Tasks Options:

  • You can choose how completed tasks are displayed with Completed Tasks.
  • You can determine the average duration of specific tasks with Upcoming Tasks Default Duration.
  • Select Confirm before deleting tasks if you want to receive a warning before deleting a task.

3. Click Save.

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