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How do I use Checklists?

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Teachers can create a Checklist to emphasize important and/ or mandatory assignments, documents, or other topics. For example, a teacher can decide to create a checklist for each course week, for an assignment or for a specific topic. When you have completed a task, you can check the box in the checklist to confirm you've completed that specific task. Checklists will give you a quick overview of the task you have to perform. 

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of your course.
  • Click Checklist.

Below Checklists you will see one or more checklist(s) that the teacher has created. You will see the title of the checklist as well as a description and how many tasks you have completed. 

  • Click the title of the task to open it. 
  1. The teacher can organise the task in categories. The example above shows the categories Literature and To Do. 
  2. Within this category there will be items to complete. In the example above you will see a link to an article under Literature and a specific assignment under the category To Do. 
    • An item can come with a description, with, for example a link to the literature.
    • An item can come with a deadline. The teacher will determine this deadline and can have it appear in your Calendar
  3. Select the box in front of an item to mark it as completed.
  4. Click Save to save your progress.
  5. Click Cancel to return to the list with the checklist.
  • After you have clicked Save, the Checklist will show you on which day and at what time you completed the task.
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