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Where can I find my submitted assignments?

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This article explains how to find your submitted assignments

Assignments that you have submitted to Brightspace remain available for reviewing at a later time.

  1. Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of the course. 
  2. Click on Assignments. You will be directed to the assignments homepage. 
  • Click on View History. You will be directed to the Submission History page. 

On the Submission History page, you can find all the assignments for a course. 

1. At Assignments you can find all the assignments of a course in different categories. 

2. You can find the type of assignment underneath Assignment Type, this can be either an individual assignment or a group-assignment. 

3. At Submission(s) you can find the documents that you have handed in, including the submission date.

1. Click on Assignment on the downward arrow to see a list of all the assignments. Click on the assignment of which you would like to see the submission(s).

2. Click on Apply. The submitted assignment now appears at Submission(s)

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