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How do I synchronize the Calendar with my own (Google/outlook) calendar?

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Here you can read about how to synchronize the Calendar with your own calendar. 

Sharing the Calendar?

You can add the Brightspace Calendar to other applications that you use, such as Microsoft Outlook. It is possible to generate a link from your Brightspace Calendar to these external applications. This gives you the option to view your Calendar on your mobile phone, for example.

The external application must support iCal links.

Select Enable Calendar Feeds. Click Save.

You will now see a new icon on the Calendar page.

1. Click Subscribe.

1. Under Calendar Subscriptions, choose which calendar (s) / tasks you want to add in the external application. You can select a single course, only your tasks, or everything.

2. Select and copy the link. Add the copied link to the external application.

3. You can also download the contents of the Calendar for offline use. Changes to the Calendar in offline use  are not updated. Click Download. You can now open the generated ics file with your offline application.

4. Click Close.

Copying and pasting the above link ensures that you are subscribed to (certain parts of) your Brightspace calendar. This means that changes are immediately visible in the external application. When you choose the download option, the Calendar is downloaded from that specific moment and added to the application. This downloaded version will not receive automatic updates.

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