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How do Assignments work?

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This article explains what Assignments are and how they work. 

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Teachers can create Assignments in Brightspace. You might have to submit an assignment online, in person or as a group. You can read more about submitting your assignment in How do I hand in an Assignment? 

Assignments Homepage

1. Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of the course. 

2. Click on Assignments. You will be directed to the Assignments Homepage. 

At the Assignments Homepage, you will see an overview of the assignments that your teacher has created for the course. In the table above the following information can be obtained:

1. The names of the Assignments and the category to which they belong. If the assignment has a due date, that  date is also given. Click on the name of the assignment to hand it in. You can always open a submitted assignment, even if the end date has passed. 

2. See the Completion Status of an assignment, this can be either Submitted or Not Submitted.
Click on Submitted if you would like to see your submitted assignment. 

3. With Score, you can see how your teacher graded you for this assignment. 

4. Under Evaluation Status you can see the progress of the evaluation. If a teacher has not started the assessment, it says Not yet evaluated. If the teacher has given some feedback/a grade it says Feedback: Unread/read. Note: you will not always receive written feedback from your teacher. 

5. The Due Date is the deadline of the assignment. 

In the left upper corner, the button View History can be seen. Click here to see the Submission History of assignments.  

 You can set an email notification  a couple of days before a deadline of an assignment or if you would like to receive a notification when your teacher is done with grading your work. 

Submission History

At the Assignments homepage, click view history  and select the assignment for which you would like to see the submission history. Click Apply

  • Underneath Assignment Type, you can see the type of assignment (whether it is a group or individual assignment). 
  • With Submission(s), you can see the submitted documents. 
  • The Date Submitted tells you when the assignment was submitted. 
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