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Which settings can I adjust for a Discussion?

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Here you can read about which settings you can adjust for a Discussion

There are several display settings which can be altered for both topics and posts. 

  • Go to Course Tools in the navbar of the course. 
  • Click on Discussion. You will see the Discussions Homepage
  • Click on Settings

With Personal Settings, there are several possibilities:

  • Display Settings: select Always show the Discussions List pane to make an overview of the discussion forum and topics. The overview will be on the left-hand side if you have selected a topic or thread. 
  • Default View: select the preferred view of posts, only the titles of the posts (Grid View) or the entire posts underneath each other (Reading View). 
  • Reply Settings: select this option if you would like to see the original post in the reply. 
  • Subscription settings: select this option if you want to follow this thread automatically. 

1. The Grid View Settings gives you the possibility to adjust what you see in the grid. 

  • Select Topic Description to get a short description of the topic.
  • Select Threaded to see all posts in a thread. Select Unthreaded if you would like to see the posts in chronological order. 
  • Select Show the preview pane if you prefer all the posts to be at the bottom part of the screen instead of a new tab. 
  • Select Show the search bar if you would like to make the search bar available to find a specific post. 
  • Select Post ID if you want to see the ID of a post. 
  • Select  Limit the number of characters of the subject to display in the post if you do not want long titles to be fully visible, you can adjust the number of characters that you prefer to be visible. 

2. Click Save and Close to save the adjustments and return to the Discussion-homepage. 

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