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How do I hand in a (Group) Assignment?

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This article discusses the different types of Assignments and how you can hand in an Assignment. 

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Types of Assignments

Teachers can assign you work that has one of four submission types:

  • File submission: You submit the assignment by uploading a file (for example a Word- or PDF-file). 
  • Text submission: You post a text, image or link to your work using an html-editor box. For example, if you are required to make a web page, you can link it in the html text editor. 
  • On paper submission: You hand in an assignment as a hard copy. This will not be uploaded to Brightspace. The teacher can still provide feedback to you in Grades.
  • Observed in person: If you have to perform an assignment in a lecture or workgroup, the teacher can provide feedback for this as an assignment, even though you are not required to upload in Assignments. 

The teacher will tell you beforehand how to submit your assignment to Brightspace. 

If you are experiencing trouble submitting a file, see the FAQ article about uploading assignments.

Handing in assignments: A file submission

To hand in assignments:

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of the course. 
  • Click on Assignments, you will be directed to the Assignments Homepage

A teacher may place links to Assignments within the corresponding Content module.

  • Click on the name of the assignment that you would like to submit. 

1. To see details of the assignment, click on Hide/Show Assignment Information

2. If a rubric is submitted, you can see this at Show Rubrics

3. In order to submit your assignment, click on Submit Assignment

  • Click on Add a File to upload a document. 
  • Click on Record Audio/Record Video to record a sound- or video- clip. Your computer must have a microphone and/or a webcam. 
  • Enter a comment to your file(s) in the HTML editor underneath Comments

If you click on Add a File, a pop-up screen will appear. Click on My computeto upload a document from your computer. Click on Upload, or drag the desired file in the corresponding field. 

  • You can see the file that you have uploaded. Subsequently click on Add
  • Click on Submit to hand in the assignment. You can see an overview of the assignment that you have handed in. Click on Done if you would like to return to the Assignment Homepage. 

You will always receive a confirmation email with the date and time of the submission attempt.

Assignment submission: Text submission

  • Navigate to Course Tools in the navbar of the course. 
  • Click on Assignments.
  • Click on the preferred assignment. 

1. Fill in the text for the assignment at Text Submission. You can make use of the HTML-editor option if preferred. 

2. Click on Submit to hand in the written text. 

How do I hand in a group-assignment?

Every person within a group can hand in the group-assignment. It is up to the teacher to decide whether you (as a group) can only submit an assignment once, or overwrite the previous submission.

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