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How can I see and download my Turnitin similarity report?

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This article explains where you can find and download your Turnitin similarity reports.

You can use Turnitin to submit assignments for grading, and also to check your work for plagiarism. Turnitin will compare the document with sources published on the Internet and highlight any similarities. Based on this similarity report, you can improve your academic writing and referencing techniques.

NOTE: The instructor may choose not to make the similarity score available to students. In that case, the similarity score will not be visible.

To view your similarity report in Turnitin:

  1. Navigate to Course Tools > Assignments in the navigation bar of the course. 
  2. Click on the number of submissions for the specific job (# submission, # files). Any similarity in the document is shown by a percentage in the Turnitin® Similarity column.

View and download similarity report

To download the Similarity Report, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Course Tools > Assignments in the course navigation bar. 
  2. Click on the number of submissions for the specific assignment (# Submission, # Files).
  3. Click View Turnitin® GradeMark® in the Inline Feedback column.

You are now in Feedback Studio, where you can view the Similarity Report and Instructor Feedback .

If it is the first time you are logging into Turnitin, you will be asked to click to agree to the Turnitin User Agreement.

Click on the ‘Instructor feedback area’ icon on the right to see the inline comments in your text.

Once you click on these icons, a window with the comments will pop-up. You will only be able to read the comments once the grades have been released. 

If your instructor has provided feedback (comments), and both, the feedback and a grade has been made available, you can download the assignment, together with the feedback and grades.

To download your assignment with the feedback and grade:

  • Click on the grey arrow at the bottom of the menu.
  • Select download ‘current view’.

You can also download the original file which you have submitted, or the digital receipt (proof that the assignment has been submitted to Turnitin).

Please make sure you click on the box with the ‘bubble’ icon, and that Grading appears checked. In case it doesn’t, you won’t be able to find the ‘bubble’ icon in the text with comments your lecturer may have added.

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