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How do I use PeerMark?

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How do I submit a PeerMark Assignment?

Warning: A Peermark assignment must contain at least 20 words to be submitted. 

In order to submit a Peermark assignment, follow these steps: 

1. Go to the (sub-)module where the Peermark assignment is placed in the content .

2. Click on the Peermark assignment that you want to hand in. 

3. Click on Upload Submission

3 ways to submit a Peermark assignment

There are 3 different possibilities to submit a Peermark assignment.

1. Upload Submission: choose a document from your computer to upload.

2. Text input: write your answer to the assignment in the text box. 

3. Cloud Submission: choose and upload a file from your personal Google Drive, OneDrive of Dropbox in order to submit your assignment.

After you chose a file to upload or entered a text in the text-box,  click on Upload and Review. You now submitted the assignment.

How do I give feedback on a Peermark assignment from another student?

When the deadline for handing in the assignment has passed and the start date for reviewing your fellow student's assignment has also been reached, a red dot will appear in PeerMark Reviews. This means that there is a peer assignment ready for you to review. You do this by following these steps:

1. Click on the heading PeerMark Reviews. The assignment to be reviewed by you will appear on the screen.
2. Click on Start Peer Review.

3. Click on Tools at the top left of the screen to provide feedback on your fellow student's work.

When you have clicked on Tools the following menu will appear. The different Tools will now be briefly explained.

1. Commenting by means of text. You can change the color of the text by clicking on the down arrow. 

2. Highlighting and giving comments. When you use the highlighter you can mark (part of) a sentence by making a box around the words concerned. You can add a comment about the highlighted part. You can change the color of the highlighter by clicking on the down arrow.

3. SP stands for Spelling error. When you click on this you can place a square around a misspelled word. 

4. Arrow up, to point something out. 

5. Transpose. With this character you can let it be known that you think two parts should be transposed. You can adjust the size of the two "boxes" to the size of the text parts. 

6. Awk. stands for Awkward. This means that the expression or phrase is not wrong, but it is also not nice to read. 

7. This line stands for "delete." This allows you to cross out or underline something that you think should be deleted.

8. With this you indicate that a new paragraph should be started. 

9. WC stands for Word Choice Error. This indicates that you think the wrong word was chosen to describe something. 

10. R/O stands for Run-On-Sentence. This means that there is a sentence that has two person forms in it. In other words, it should actually be two separate sentences. You indicate that there should be a period or a comma between the two sentences by using this function. 

11. With the Cite function, you indicate that there is an error in the quote.  

Finally, you can also make a comment by simply clicking on the piece of text you want to say something about and typing in the text box.

In between reviewing, you can save your given feedback by clicking Save in the upper right corner. 

When you are completely done reviewing click on Submit in the upper right corner.

How do I view feedback provided by my fellow student on my previously submitted assignment?

When the deadline for giving feedback has passed the feedback given will be released. You can now view the feedback that another person has given to you.
Click on Received Feedback. The feedback intended for you will  load. 

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