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How do I use Lockers in a group?

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Teachers can make Group Lockers. Files can be shared easily and quickly in a Group Locker.
Click on Group Files at My Groups to open the locker.

In a Group Locker:

  • Group members are able to Upload Files (documents, videos, images, etc). 
  • Group members can create a New File
  • Group members can create folders and HTML files via New Folder to organize the contents of the locker.
  • Group members can download and edit the files in the locker so that they can view them, add additional information and provide feedback on each other's work.
  • The files are only available for students within the Group and cannot be made public.
  • Group members can see who last edited a file and when. 

If there is no Group Files in the Locker column, the teacher has chosen not to make Group Lockers available.

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