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How do I hand in a Turnitin Assignment?

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This article explains how to turn in a Turnitin assignment. The situations that may arise after handing in the assignment are also discussed. 

In 99% of the cases you are only able to submit only 1 file and only once for Turnitin Assignments, due to the needed settings for the plagiarism check. Take caution when you upload a file. 

Only if your instructor has specifically instructed you to upload more files or more than once, you are able to upload more files. 

  • Click on the Assignment in the content, OR 
  • Click on Course Tools in the topnavbar of the course
  • Click on Assignments
ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Click on the Assignment name.

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome
  1. Click on Add a File and upload a File from your computer
  2. Optional: Add a comment if instructed.
  3. Click on Submit to hand in your Assignment.

The following three things can happen:


ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

If your submission was successful you will a similar screen as above. Click on Done to close this window.

Oops, your file could not be uploaded

In case your file name contains any of these characters: < > : ; " / \ | ? *, rename your file and try to upload your file again.

In case the issue persists contact us via the Helpdesk Portal

Warning! An originality report could not be generated

Rest assured, you do not need to take action whenever you see this warning!


Whenever you come across this error message, do not worry! Your submission got through and is safe. Your instructor has also received your submission, so there is no need to contact your instructor, although the message suggests otherwise.

At the moment of your submission there was a technical issue between Brightspace and Turnitin, causing the orginality report not to created. Either your instructor is able to fix this, by resubmitting your paper into Turnitin, or the reports will be automatically regenerated after a technical issue is resolved.

In case there is a major Turnitin service dispruption, as indicated on the Brightspace Homepage, instructors are not able to resubmit. Reports will be generated after the issue has been resolved by Turnitin. 

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