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Enrolling, unenrolling and declining participation in short

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In this article, a brief explanation will be provided about what you need to know regarding the enrolling and unenrolling process for exams.


You can enroll for the exam via MyStudyMap up to 10 days before the exam and 5 days before resits. For resits, enrollment is only possible from 30 days before the resit begins. Upon enrolling, your participation in the exam will be automatically confirmed, meaning you will be listed as confirmed for the exam. Your presence at the exam will then be taken into account.

If you have not enrolled ten days before the exam or later, or 5 days before resits or later, it is no longer possible to enroll for the exam. In this case, please contact the academic administration to request enrollment for the exam.


If you no longer wish to take the exam, you must unenroll from the exam. This can be done in the following two ways:

  1. On the confirmation page, you can click 'no' under 'confirm participation.' By doing so, you indicate that you do not wish to participate in the exam. You will then be automatically unenrolled ten days before the exam (5 days before resits). Even after this automatic unenrollment, you can still choose the 'no' option. You will be immediately unenrolled in that case.
  2. You can manually unenroll from the study activity via the student portal by deselecting the study activity in your schedule and submitting the changes.
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