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How can I export my study plan to Excel?

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This article explains how you can export your study plan to Excel.

1. Opening your Study planning

  • Log in to the student portal
  • Click MyStudymap
  • Select the relevant Study planning

2. Making an export

In your Study Plan, make your study planning by selecting your compulsory, elective and extracurricular courses/activities. You can export these courses/activities to Excel.

  • To do so, press Export at the top of the screen
  • Your study plan has now been exported to Excel. The download will start soon.

3. Viewing the export

Your Study planning has now been exported to an Excel document. The document is saved in your default download folder. This download contains the following information:

  • Name and student number
  • Program
  • Academic year
  • Courses and associated activities

The image above shows an example of an exported study plan.

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