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How can I see which courses I still have to follow?

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This article will explain how you can see which courses are still in your academic requirements.

Study plan

In your Study plan, you can see which courses are in your academic requirements. You can find your Study plan by logging in to the student portal and opening MyStudymap. You will see the following screen:

Now select Study plan [year]. Your personal StudyPlan will now appear.

Required courses

In your Study plan, you will see which courses are required for your degree. The courses are divided into academic years. For each study year, you can see how many EC the study year consists of at the top right-hand corner under Required. Under Compulsory courses you will find how many credits you still have to acquire under Needed. For example: the student below still has to complete one course in the second year of the bachelor Archeology.

Bound elective courses

It is also possible you have bound elective courses from which you have to choose, as shown below.

The student has to choose at least one of the courses to meet the required 5 EC. 

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