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Why am I queued when I want to send my enrollment?

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The times of enrollment

Enrollment for courses and examens in semester 1 of study year 2022-2023 opens on the 12th of July 13:00 hrs for bachelor's students and on the 13th of July 13:00 hrs for master's students.

The queue explained

When there is a large influx of people trying to enroll, such as at the start of the registration period, we use a queue system. You will be in a queue before you can log in to the student portal. Once you are logged in, then you can register.

This means that if you try to log in to the student portal as a student you will be assigned a ticket with a login time. You will be added to the queue as soon as the registration opens. 

When you are in the queue, you can see exactly how many people are ahead of you and you get an indication of how long the waiting time is approximately. You have the option to enter your e-mail address so that you will receive an e-mail when it is your turn.

If you provide your email address for a notification message when it's your turn, you don't have to wait and can just do other things in the meantime. Once you are logged in, you can register.

When it is your turn to send in your registration, you have 10 minutes to log in, otherwise your spot will be released to another student.

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