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There are no more places available for the activity I want to enroll in. What should I do?

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Some study activities are marked full before registration has opened and/or remaing marked full during the enrollment period. Placement for these activities are done in a different way or at a later moment by the faculty administration. You cannot enroll for these activities via MyStudymap. The faculty will communicate how placement for these activities is done. 

Some study activities, like tutorials, have limited places. Placement in case of a study activity with limited participation usually takes place in the order of registration (first come, first served). In addition to this allocation procedure, there is a waiting list for some study activities. 

It is indicated for each study activity in MyStudymap whether there is a limited capacity and whether a waiting list is used. If so, it is shown how many places are still available and how many students are on the waiting list. You will be moved up one place on the waiting list when a registered student unenrolls. You will be notified if you are at the top of the waiting list and a spot has become available, thus being enrolled in the study activity

If a course has several workgroups and the workgroups  for which you wanted to enroll is full, it is also possible to enroll for another workgroup. More information about (re)registering for a study activity can be found in the article How do I enroll in a course? When enrolling for a new workgroup, keep in mind that the first come, first served principle will again be used for this new workgroup. Therefore, it may take some time for the enrollment for the workgroup to be completed.

The number of available places that is shown with the course may not be up to date. Due to the new enrollment process, we recommend that you always check the status of your enrollment. Here you can see whether the enrollment has actually been processed. 

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