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How can I enroll for exams?


This article explains how you can enroll for exams.

1. Open Study plan

In your personal Study plan it is possible to enroll for courses and the associated study activities such as exams. 

Log in into the student portal

Click on MyStudyMap. You will then get to see the following screen. 

Then click on Study plan [year] to open your personal Study Plan for the chosen study.

2. Adding a exam to your Study plan

By completing this step, the enrollment for the courses/activities is not yet complete. Step 3 of this article explains how to complete your enrollment.

In your Study plan it is possible to plan your studies and to enroll for the courses and the associated lectures and exams.

In your personal Study plan you will see an overview of all the courses you have not yet completed that are required for your studies.

  • Click on the course for which you want to enroll in the exam. 
  • Click on ACTIVITIES and choose the activities you want to add, in this case the exam or re-sit.

After you have chosen your study activity, you can check your timetable and the time of your exam in your concept schedule.

You can also enroll in courses and exams via the study guide. See this article how to do this.

It is not always possible to enroll in the resit immediately at the start of the enrollment window. You can do this later.

3. Sending the enrollment

After you have added the desired study activity, do not forget to send the enrollment.

  • Click on the READY TO SUBMIT tab.
  • Here you will see an overview containing the activity you just added.
  • Click on the blue Send button to send your enrollment.

It may take some time for the enrollment to complete. Check the status of your enrollment to see how far your enrollment has progressed.

4. Confirming your exam participation

If you do not go through this step, you will be unenrolled for the exam and you will therefore not be able to participate.

If you have enrolled for the exam, you will receive a request in MyStudymap 30 days before your exam to confirm your participation in the exam. You can do this up to 10 days before the exam. 

You can confirm your exam via the Exams button via the main menu in the student portal. Here you will also find an overview of all the exams you have planned for the coming period.

This article explains how you confirm your participation in an exam.

Confirmation is also required for resits in order to participate. However, the period of time within which this must be done may differ depending on the course. If this is the case, it will be communicated through the course.

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