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The course I want to enroll in, works with preference. How do I enroll?

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This article explains how to specify your preferred study activities, for courses that work with preferences.

Some courses use preferences for their study activities. Enrolled students will be assigned to the activity in the most optimal way.

1. MyStudymap

Log in to the student portal. Next, go to MyStudymap.

2. Selecting the course

Search for the course you want to enroll in in MyStudymap. You can read how to find the desired course here. Here you can specify your preferred day and time for activities by selecting Specify preferences. See below:

3. Specify preferences

Depending on the course, you can select a number of preferences. Click on Choose activity next to Preference 1, and a drop down menu will appear. Now select the day and time that has your preference. Now select your second choice next to Preference 2, and so on.

When you are done selecting your preferences and you have reached the minimum number of preferences, select Save.

4. Send enrollment

Now go the tab Ready for enrollment. Here you will the course you want to enroll in, with your selected preferences. Select Send.

5. Waiting for outcome

If you want to check the status of your enrollment, go to the tab Enrollment status. Here the selected course will appear with the status Waiting for placement outcome. After the deadline for specifying preferences has passed, all students will be assigned to a day and time in the most optimal way. You will receive a message in the Message center once you have been assigned.

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