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How do I unenroll from an exam?

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This article explains how you can unenrolled from an exam. 

Unenrolling through studyplan

1. Opening your Study Plan

  • Log in to the student portal
  • Click MyStudymap
  • Select the relevant Study Plan

2. Unenroll for an exam

It is possible that you want to follow the lectures of a course, but no longer want to participate in the associated (re)examination. To open the activities associated with the course, first click Activities. You can then unenroll from an exam by unchecking the box next to the exam. Then click on Save to confirm your choice. 

Your unenrollment for the exam is not final until you have submitted it in the Ready to submit screen. This can be seen in the image below: 

  • Click Ready to submit
  • Check whether everything is correct
  • Click send
  • Your unenrollment has now been sent. You can check the status of your unenrollment by clicking Enrollment status

Unenrolling through participation page

1. Navigate from the main menu to the confirmation page by clicking on 'confirm participation exams.'

2. Your participation is automatically set to confirmed. If you no longer wish to participate in the exam, click on 'no.'

3. After clicking 'no' and indicating that you no longer wish to participate in the exam, you will be automatically unenrolled 10 days before the exam's start. If you click 'no' after the ten days leading to the exam, you will be immediately unenrolled.

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