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How do I add extracurricular and elective courses to my Study plan?

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This article explains how to add extracurricular and elective courses to your Study planning.

This option allows you to add courses from the Prospectus that are not yet included in your study plan. Use this for: 

  • The interpretation of your electives/minor courses
  • The interpretation of your extracurricular space
  • Adding replacement courses if you have not passed these courses last year (for students who do not study nominally)

For some courses there are entrance requirements or permission is required to participate. Do not forget to request permission in time from your Board of Examiners.

1. Open Study plan

It is possible to enroll in courses in your personal Study planning. You can find the Study planning by logging in to the student portal and selecting MyStudymap. You will see the following screen:

Next, click on Study planning [year]. You will now see your personal Study planning for the chosen study.

2. Adding an extracurricular or an elective course

You can add an extracurricular or elective course  to your Study planning by scrolling all the way down. Here you will find the menu Electives/extra curricular.

In this menu you can add a course or an activity from the Prospectus. 

3. Submitting your enrollments

Without submitting your enrollments, you will not be able to participate in the study activity!

After adding the desired study activities, you should not forget to submit your enrollment. 

  • Click on the READY FOR ENROLLMENT tab. 
  • Check whether you have chosen the correct activity. 
  • Click on the blue Send button on the bottom right to send your enrollment. 

It can take a while for your enrollment to be completed. Check the status of your enrollment to see how far along you enrollment is.

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