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Notifications and the Message center

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This article explains how to view your messages and notifications in the Message center and what types of notifications you can receive.

The Message center

After logging in to the student portal you can navigate to the Message centre via the column on the right, via the menu on the top left or via the icon on the top right. If there is a new, unopened message in your Message center, you can also see this by the icon in the top right.

In the Message Center you will receive various notifications about your planning, enrollments and exams. For example, you will receive a message when your enrollment or unenrollment has been processed and will be notified to make your planning and to enroll for courses. These messages are tagged as Plan and enroll.

When you receive notifications and reminders depends on your study and the way and when you are expected to enroll. You cannot delete messages in the Message center, but you can mark them as read by clicking Mark all messages as read

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