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Make a study plan and enroll for courses

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Changes can be made to study activities in the periode between planning and enrolling. We strongly recommend you check your planning again before enrolling.

This article explains why you should first make a study plan and then enroll for your courses.

Planning and enrolling are really two phases of the same process. The planning stage is meant to see whether the courses that you want to take can all fit into your schedule without overlapping. Once you have made your planning, you can then go on to enrolling in the courses. Please also read the relevant articles on planning and enrolling.

Please note: Only planning your courses is not enough. You will need to actively submit them for them to be processed. 

Planning is also a way to get a good overview of the coming semester. For example, if you want to follow an internship, you can check whether it fits in your schedule by planning. You can see your concept schedule by clicking the tab Schedule.

Some faculties require that you first propose your planning to your study advisor or Board of Examiners. You can conveniently do this via planning in advance. Make an export to get a clear overview of the courses you want to follow coming semester, which you can propose to your study advisor or Board of Examiners.

When can I plan my study activities and when can I enroll?

You can plan study activities for the upcoming semester. You can also enroll for study activities for the upcoming semester.

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