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How do I navigate uSis?

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In this guide you will learn how to navigate through uSis and get an overview of what is possible within uSis.

The tiles on the homescreen


When you log in to uSis you are greeted with the tiles on the home screen. Behind each tile you can find different information and functionalities relating to your courses.

On the home screen you will find the following tiles:

  1. Your study progression
  2. Application Study Program, where you can find the status of your application(s) to your study program(s).
  3. Results, where you can find your course results (grades). Where can I find my results?
  4. Communications, where you will find the messages sent to you through uSis. Where can I view my uSis messages?
  5. Enroll, where you can enroll to classes. How do I sign up for courses in uSis?
  6. Enrolled/Drop, where you find the classes you are enrolled into and where you can drop these classes. How do I drop courses in uSis?
  7. Studierooster, waar je een overzicht van de colleges en tentamens waar je voor bent ingeschreven kunt vinden. Studierooster FAQ
  8. Petitions. Exemption, replacement or an extracurricular course? You will find your requests in petitions. How do I file a petition in uSis?
  9. Personal information. Your personal information as the University knows it. How can I change my personal information?
  10. Study Abroad, where you can apply for an exchange programme and find out the status of your exchange programme applications.
  11. Quick links, where you will find a few extra links.

Further navigation

At the top right of your screen, you will see a number of buttons that make navigation easier.

1. The home button. Allows you to return to the home screen at any time.

2. The language indicator. Click this to change the language to the one indicated here. So in this example, if you were to click the button, uSis will appear in Dutch (Nederlands).

3. The more options button, when you click this you will see a list of more options. This includes logout, for example.

4. When not all information fits on your screen, the information is spread over several pages. This button allows you to navigate between the different pages.

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