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Where can I find my results?

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In this guide you can find out where you can see your exam results in uSis.

When logged into uSis you can click on the tile labeled Results to see the results for all your tracks.

Sorting your results

You can sort your results in a few ways. Sorting can be done by Career, Course Code, Description and Exam Date by using the dropdown menu located at 1 in the picture provided above.

Futhermore you can select whether you want to sort ascending or descending with the buttons located at 2 in the picture provided above.

Different sections of the results page

The results page has six sections.

  1. Career, showing in which part of your academic career you achieved this result.
  2. Course code, where you can find study guide code for the course.
  3. Description, where you can find the title of your course.
  4. Exam date, containing the date of your exam.
  5. Grade, where you can find the grade for this course.
  6. Units Earned, the amount of ECTS you have earned for this course..

A course can consist of several parts. The final grade of your course can therefore be made up of several partial grades. A final grade can be recognized by a Course code ending with Y. Credits are only awarded for the final grade of a course.

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