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How do I file a petition in uSis?

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In this guide you will find out how to file a petition in uSis. Which type of petitions are available in uSis?

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Using a petition you can request to diverse from the standard curriculum of your track. To file a petition through uSis you click on the graph at the top of the homepage once you have logged into uSis. This will take you to My Academic Requirements.

Click the description for the course you want to file a petition for. In this example the student will file a petition for the course Eur. Integration.

When you're at the page for the correct course you can click the green button Submit request to start the petition process.

Selected the petition type you need from the dropdown menu, then click Continue.

Your petition consists of three parts.

  1. Explanation student, where you explain why you're making your request and what exactly qualifies you for your request.
  2. Added documents, here you can upload documents that support your request.
  3. Link to the webiste, where you can optionally add an URL that further supports your request.

An example of an explanation, documents and link could be the following:
1. 'I've completed this course at another university already, therefor I would like to request an exemption'

2. Documents that prove your enrollment at the other university and a grades list.

3. A link to the prospectus of the other university.

After filling in this petition form you can click Submit to submit your request.

After pressing Submit you get one final confirmation check. Make sure you have finalized your request before clicking yes here. You will now get to see your submitted request. How do I view the status of my petitions?

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