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How do I login into uSis?

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This article explains how to login in uSis

  1. At 'Username' enter your ULCN-username.
  2. At 'password' enter your ULCN-password.
  3. Then click on 'Login' to log in.


Q: I get an error when I try to login? What should I do?

A: First check whether you have entered the correct information. Log in with your username, not your uMail address. Enter your username with a lowercase s, not a capital letter (i.e. s1234567).

Q: Are you also unable to log in to other University applications?

A: This can have several causes. Try the options below:

• Try to see if you can log in via a different browser.

• Check whether you can log in at If you can't log in directly to ULCN either, there may be a general problem with your user account. Fill in a form via

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