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Terms, Conditions and Requirements for Kaltura

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This manual specifically addresses the conditions and requirements when playing and watching videos on the Leiden video portal. In the manual, we first briefly explain the terms and conditions. After that, we discuss the basic requirements for watching videos. Do you want to know more about the terms and conditions of using Kaltura? Please contact your video coordinator.

Terms and Conditions


Videos uploaded to the video portal are initially accessible only to the user. After uploading, videos can only be shared with other ULCN accounts. When a video needs to be visible to the entire university or to the general public, a request can be made to a faculty video coordinator.

Hereafter, both the Kaltura implementation in Brightspace and Leiden University's video portal will be referred to as "Kaltura."

  • Students and employees of Leiden University may upload videos on Kaltura, provided they own the copyright to the video (i.e. when a video is created by an individual) or are authorized by the copyright holder.
  • It is permitted to show licensed audiovisual works through Kaltura during lectures or workshops, provided the material is protected from outside broadcast (set My Media video to "Private"). 
  • It is not permitted to upload medical video recordings on Kaltura without the written consent of the filmed patients. If the individuals involved are minors, parental or legal guardian consent is required.


Before watching videos, it is important to do a technical check beforehand:

  1. Do you have suitable devices and browsers? Check here to see if your devices and browsers meet the requirements. 
  2. Do your devices and browsers work? Click here to test them. 

Specific questions

Do you have specific questions? For example, do you want to know when you are entitled to a recording of a lecture in case of illness, for example? Unfortunately there are no general conditions for watching videos, as these may vary from one faculty to another. For specific questions regarding the conditions regarding videos, we therefore refer you to the video coordinator of your faculty.

Do you need assistance? Ask your question to the ISSC Help Desk.

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