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How do I get acces to Zoom?

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This article explains how to get acces to Zoom.  All students,  lecturers, and staff have been added to the educational Zoom license of Leiden University. 

Why make use of the license?

The license guarantees better security and privacy than a  free non-educational license. In addition, a free license can only host sessions with up to 100  participants, whereas the standard education license allows up to  300  participants. If you wish to increase the number of participants up to a 1000, you can request a webinar or large live room here. 

Get Access

Go to: to access the license. You will see the following screen.

  • Click Sign in.
  • Log in with your ULCN credentials.

It is also possible to click the Zoom button in Brightspace to activate your Zoom account from there.

Account specificities

  • You are  already  registered  with  Zoom  with  your  university  e-mail: 
    • If you have already used your university email address in the past to your Zoom account, you will be asked if you want to link it to the domain of   Leiden  University. Click Yes.
  • Guest and LUMC accounts:
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