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Bug Profile Creation Screen

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When you access Mediasite, it is possible that an error occurs. You may experience issues with logging in and consistently encounter a Profile Creation screen. This could be attributed to two different causes. In this manual, we will briefly discuss the potential reasons for the problem and provide some solutions.

You are trying to log in to Mediasite and see the following screen:

It is possible that you did not navigate to a Mediasite presentation through Brightspace, but accessed the channel from a different browser session. Fortunately, the solution is simple.

Close all browser sessions of Mediasite and return to Brightspace. Navigate to the desired Mediasite channel from Brightspace and select the presentation through Brightspace. This should prevent you from encountering the Profile Creation screen and grant you full access to the presentation without the unwanted prompt.

Private email address

Besides a bug, there is another cause, namely the use of a private email address. Due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is not allowed to use a private email address. If you still provide a private email address, it will be removed after a certain period (maximum 90 days), resulting in the need to create a new profile each time.

To avoid this issue and comply with GDPR regulations, we always advise users to provide their university email address when creating a Mediasite profile. This way, the profile remains active, and inconveniences of repeatedly creating new profiles are avoided.


Still having trouble? Please contact the ISSC helpdesk.

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