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How do I confirm my participation in an exam?


This article will how explain how to confirm your participation in an exam.

You can only take part in an exam if you have enrolled in the exam and if you have confirmed your participation. If you don't do so, you will be automatically unenrolled from the exam and you will not be able to participate in the exam.

1. Opening the exam overview

After logging in to the student portal you will see the dashboard of the student portal. In the far right menu you can find the option Exams admission. Here you will find an overview of your exams.

2. Confirm participation in an exam

Now an overview of all the exams you are enrolled in will be shown. To confirm your participation, select Yes or No in the blue menu:

After selecting an option, the box will turn green if Yes is selected, and red if the option No is selected:

When your selection is shown as above, you have confirmed your participation in the exam.

3. When do I need to confirm my participation?

Confirming your participation is mandatory for every exam. This can be done until ten days before the exam. If you have not confirmed your participation at that point, you will be automatically unenrolled from the exam.

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